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RolandRoland KC -60$349.00Roland KC -60
With the Roland KC-60 Keyboard Amplifier, you get a whole lot of flexibility for your dollar in this scaled-down model that retains that sought-after KC sound. The amp's 40W power section drives a 10" speaker through 3 separate channels that include 1/4" line, XLR mic, and aux inputs so you can easily add vocals and backing from other sources. Rotary controls adjust channel and headphone outputs plus low and hi EQ. Also, the Roland KC-60 subwoofer output offers big bottom-end potential. Roland KC-60 Keyboard Amplifier Specifications: * 16-3/8"W x 16"H x 11-3/8"D * 27 lbs. Roland KC-60 Keyboard Amplifier Features: * 40W power * 10" speaker * 3 separate channels * 1/4" line, XLR mic, and aux inputs * Rotary controls adjust channel and headphone outputs plus low and high EQ * Subwoofer output
RolandRoland KC-150 Keyboard Mixing Amp$449.00Roland KC-150 Keyboard Mixing Amp
The Roland KC-150 Keyboard Mixing Amp is built like a tank. The KC-150 is a compact 65W amp with a 12" speaker and piezo tweeter, 4-channel capability, 2-band EQ, XLR mic input, and RCA stereo auxiliary input. It also has a subwoofer output compatible with the Roland KCW-1 for a powerful low-end boost. It can be mounted on a speaker stand for use as a stage monitor and has a headphone output for silent all-night solo jams. Cool amp. Roland KC-150 Keyboard Mixing Amp Features: * 65W of power * 12" speaker with piezo tweeter * 4-channel capability * 2-band EQ * XLR mic input * RCA auxiliary input * Subwoofer output compatible with the Roland KCW-1 for a powerful low-end sound * Mounts on a speaker stand * Headphone output
RolandRoland KC 350$549.00Roland KC 350
Roland KC 350 $549.00 * 4-channel mixing keyboard amplifier with 120-watt/12 speaker and horn tweeter * Output Select feature and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment * 3-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1 * 1/4 phone output for connection to recording devices * Stereo Link In/Out for chaining to KC-350s for stereo applications