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Contemporary Music Store

EdenEden RS 410$0.00
Eden RS 410
EDEN RS410 The powerhouse combination of four Eden/Nemesis 10” speakers and one T2004 Wide Range Titanium diaphragm tweeter produce the biggest sound of our combos. The four 10" speakers give a full, low end with plenty of sparkle and snap in the high end. The choice for many professionals. RS410 SPECS POWER 320 Watts RMS@4Ω SPEAKERS 4-ES 1040 TWEETER T2004 CROSSOVER 4-ES 1040 POWER HANDLING 400W RMS FREQ. RESPONSE 48Hz - 18Khz ±2dB SENSITIVITY 104dB SPL@1W1M IMPEDENCE 4Ω DIMENSIONS 24.75w x 24.75 x 16.25d WEIGHT 62 LBS
EdenEden WT 1205$0.00
Eden WT 1205
Over a decade ago, we set the standard in bass amps with our WT800. Now we’re raising it significantly higher with our newest and most sophisticated integrated amp ever – the WT1205. Dual 7025 preamp tubes drive two separate channels that can be used individually or blended for dual channel instruments (the Stick, e.g.). Each channel features Dynamic Bass and Treble boosters, a unique EQ center (4-band on Ch. 1, 3-band w/ sweepable mid on Ch.2), dual effects loops (pre and post) and variable compression. Using automix technology, the studio-quality DI (selectable pre- or post-EQ) always sends the active channel(s) to the console. Dial in your sounds and then pump up to 2400 watts peak power (1200 watts RMS), enough to drive a variety of compatible multiple-speaker arrays. Execute changes on the fly with the included footswitch, including: Mute, channel switching, Master Gain Booster (the solo button) and Enhance bypass. The WT1205 now offers the discriminating bassist more power, more versatility, more musicality than ever before. It also features our new back-lit logo. One test drive and you’ll be spoiled for life. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. $2,499.90 ZOOM + Front Back WT1205 SPECS Power 8Ω/4Ω/2Ω 2x500/600 RMS 4/2Ω Power Mono Bridge 1200/1000W RMS 4/8Ω Distortion <.05% Frequency Response 10Hz-20KHz ±2dB Headroom 3dB Dimensions 17"W X 3.5"H X 13"D Weight 26 LBS
EdenEden RS 210$0.00
Eden RS 210
EDEN RS210 Two Eden / Nemesis 10" speakers and one T2004 Wide Range Titanium diaphragm tweeter give this light-weight, versatile combo tremendous warmth with plenty of definition. The NC210's smaller size makes it perfect for smaller venues, studio and rehearsal work. RS210 SPECS POWER 320 Watts RMS @ 4Ω SPEAKERS 2-ES 1040 TWEETERS T2004 CROSSOVER 3Khz @12 db POWER HANDLING 320W RMS FREQ. RESPONSE 35 hz - 18 khz ±2dB SENSITIVITY 102dB SPL@1W1M IMPEDENCE 4Ω DIMENSIONS 24.75"w x 16.25"h x 16.25"d WEIGHT 47 LBS
EdenEden WT 405$0.00
Eden WT 405
This is our newest generation of bass amplifiers. The Time Traveler features a warm, studio sound quality and very low noise levels. A redesigned sloped front panel allows easy access to the simplified control section with mid shift and bypass. A dbx style compressor with adjustable threshold is coupled to dual inputs and the renowned Eden enhance control. The Time Traveler has an etirely new feature, an optically coupleddynamic smart booster for bass and treble. This allows for the bass and highs to be solid and well defined from a whisper to a roar. It automatically compensates for playing level so that the sound quality is maintained. Additional features include multiple patch points, auxiliary inputs, variable distortion, pre/post DI section, mute to tune, and a built in practice mode. Audition one at your local Eden dealer. ZOOM + Front Back WT405 SPECS Power 8Ω/4Ω/2Ω 250/405/620W RMS Power Mono Bridge N/A Distortion <.05% Frequency Response 10Hz - 15KHz ±2dB Headroom 3dB Dimensions 13"W x 3.5"H x 12"D Weight
EdenEden DC 210XLT$0.00
Eden DC 210XLT
The new DC210XLT is the answer to requests for our highly acclaimed World Tour and David Series in a combo format. Our goal in designing the Metro was to create a self-contained unit that sacrificed none of the performance of our separates. The Metro’s dual channel preamplifier section gives you the choice of a tube or solid state preamp, with full footswitch control. Each channel includes an independent effects loop, with 500 watts into 4 Ohms (over 750 watts into 2 Ohms). The Metro truly outclasses any 210 combo on the market today. Standard features include, switchable automatic compression, 5-way semiparametric tone control and electronic crossover, independent channel effects loops, stereo aux input, headphone out, tuner mute on footswitch, internal speaker on/off, and -12dB pad. Footswitch and casters are included. DC210XLT SPECS Power 8Ω/4Ω/2Ω 300/500/750W RMS Distortion <.05% Frequency Response 48Hz - 14KHz ±2dB Headroom 3dB Speaker EC-1060XL Cast Frame Speaker Power Handling 250W RMS Tweeters E-2700 Crossover 2.5KHz @ 18dB Impedance 8Ω Dimensions 23"w x 24"h x 18.5"d Weight
EdenEden N8 jr$0.00
Eden N8 jr
SOLD. The N8 is our smallest Bass combo. It features a powerful, Eden designed 8" speaker housed in a high quality plywood enclosure with a heavy duty steel grill. This little light weight 25 watt unit will faithfully play even the low E 42Hz Bass fundamental cleanly and powerfully and has a solid balanced tone. The N8 is perfect for working on technique. The N8 features an ultra simple user friendly AGC compression circuit on the input that is fully automatic, and a global tone control that lets you shape the full audio spectrum with only one simple ergonomic control. A head phone jack and great bass tone complete the package. N8JR. SPECS POWER 25 Watts RMS @4Ω SPEAKERS 8" TWEETER Mechanical POWER HANDLING 25W RMS FREQ. RESPONSE 42hz - 6khz ±2dB IMPEDENCE 4Ω DIMENSIONS 16.5"H x 14.5 "W x 13 "D WEIGHT 19 LBS
EdenEden N10$249.00Eden N10
SOLD. The perfect small size kick back bass amplifier for practice or warm-up. At 50 watts, this is the most powerful amp in its class. The N10 features a wide range 10" Eden designed coaxial loudspeaker for great tone. It is housed in a strong light weight plywood enclosure. It contains a fully automatic AGC compression circuit on the input stage to help make every note sound well balanced. That is coupled to a smooth sounding old school passive 3 band tone control circuit. You can set the N10 up to sound sweet and clean or crank on plenty of crunch. An aux in and head phones out complete the package. N10 SPECS POWER 50 Watts RMS @4Ω SPEAKERS 10" TWEETER Mechanical POWER HANDLING 50W RMS FREQ. RESPONSE 48hz - 13khz ±2dB IMPEDENCE 4Ω DIMENSIONS 17.5"H x 14.5 "W x 13 "D WEIGHT 27 LBS