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KorgUsed Korg X2 Workstation$790.00 w/stand,bench,headphonesUsed Korg X2 Workstation
Used Korg X2 Workstation Mint Condition. $790.00 w/stand,bench,headphones,cables. Serial # 600490 No Shipping on this item. # 76 keys, velocity sensitive, mono After Touch, light synth action. 340 multi-samples. ("Programs") 128 + 8 drum sets in ROM, 200 + 4 drum sets in RAM, 200 + 4 drum sets on RAM card. ("Combis") 200 on internal RAM, 200 on RAM card. 16 Multi-timbral parts. # 2 stereo programmable effect processors. 47 types of effects assignable for each. Real-time controllable. 1 type of serial and 3 types of parallel routings. # A 16 track sequencer: real-time (overwrite or overdub), step, auto and manual punch-in, loop; records on one or many tracks/channels at a time; event edit; control change generator; real-time or track/measure quantization (the latter selectable by event and with strength and offset parameters).