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APEXUsed Apex 115$70.00Used Apex 115
Used Apex 115- $69.99 Mint Condition w/clip The Apex115 is a premium quality hypercardioid hand-held condenser vocal microphone with exceptionally smooth frequency response and high sound pressure level capability. Used for professional sound reinforcement, recording applications and broadcast, the Apex115 delivers studio quality performance with the ruggedness needed for live stage. Features The Apex115 features a smooth low-frequency roll-off that compensates for proximity effect offering a more controlled bass response. Crisp top end, tight midrange and predictable proximity effect characteristics mean the Apex115 performs amazingly well in demanding live vocal applications, with digital recording systems, computer-based studios and high performance analog recording systems. The Apex115 requires phantom power to operate, and has a frequency response of 70 to 18,000Hz, and a 65dB signal to noise ratio. It is shipped with a custom fit mic clip.
APEXApex 415 Microphone$0.00
Apex 415 Microphone
Rugged construction, high SPL handling in a compact aluminum chassis makes the Apex415 an ideal choice for a main microphone for any home or project studio. Cardioid, omnidirectional or figure-8 polar patterns are selected from integrated switches on the microphone chassis. On board 10dB pad switch and low frequency roll off switch ensure the microphone can be tailored to any application. An excellent choice for use on guitar or bass cabinets, for background vocals, on strings, brass and woodwinds, acoustic guitars or upright basses or any application where subtlety and clarity is paramount and high sound pressure handling is required. The rugged Apex415 is also the microphone of choice for live recording or live sound reinforcement applications. The Apex415 microphone is made with a heavy-duty aircraft grade machined brass body with a durable, scratch resistant anodized finish and are shipped with a quality Apex IMC-3 "cat's cradle" style shock mount mic stand adaptor, windsock and convenient case for safe and secure storage and transportation
APEXApex 190 Condenser Microphone$0.00
Apex 190 Condenser Microphone
The APEX190 is a professional, stubby flat-frequency response cardioid condenser microphone suited to many applications. It can be used as a source microphone for choirs, for string sections, background brasses or drum overheads. It also works extremely well on acoustic guitars, in tight on hi-hats, or for solo string or woodwind instruments. The mic is enclosed in a rugged, low reflectance matte black finish making it ideal for instrument micing in any studio, broadcast or live applications where a high performance overhead mic is required. The APEX190 requires phantom power to operate, and is shipped with a microphone clip and windsock.
APEXApex 110 Condenser Microphone$0.00
Apex 110 Condenser Microphone
The APEX110 is also the ideal multi application, compact studio condenser microphone. For the budget conscious studio owner looking for one all-purpose condenser, the APEX110 is great for vocals and easy to record with. Crisp top end and predictable proximity effect characteristics mean the APEX110 performs amazingly well with digital recording systems, computer-based studios and high performance analog recording systems. It also can effectively be used for recording woodwinds, strings and acoustic guitars. As a live sound reinforcement mic, its compact size, light weight, and impressive specifications make it the mic of choice on lecterns or in any broadcast environment where performance is required from an unobtrusive source.
APEXApex 460 Tube Condenser Microphone$0.00
Apex 460 Tube Condenser Microphone
The APEX460 Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone continues to raise the bar on performance while continuing to lower the price barrier for studio quality microphones. The APEX460 Tube Microphone is an aggressively priced, yet superior sounding, large diaphragm studio condenser capable of competing easily with much more expensive microphones in this class. One unique feature of this microphone is the nine different selectable polar patterns easily available from the selector switch on the front panel of the external power supply. Rather than limiting the user to the three popular patterns (Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Figure Eight pattern) most commonly available, the APEX460 has three gradient stages between each pattern. This allows the studio engineer or home recordist far more versatility. In vocal applications where an omnidirectional pattern isn't quite 'fat' enough, but cardioid is too narrow, you now have three additional steps to find the right subtle mix between the two standard patterns. There are also three additional steps between cardioid and figure-8 pattern. Improved quality in affordable recording equipment has brought serious power to the home studio enthusiast or small project studio. The microphone is the first, and often most important link in the signal chain. The APEX460 is high performance, yet truly affordable large diaphragm condenser microphone. They are an outstanding choice for the main microphone for any professional studio, home studio, or any of the computer based direct to hard drive recording systems now available. Due to their rugged construction, high SPL handling capability and affordable price, the APEX460 is also an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording. They have proven themselves as overhead mics for drum kits, for guitar or bass cabinets where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required, or as the mic of choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount. Vocalists can use the proximity effect to their advantage, adding fullness and more "bottom end" to the voice. Experienced vocalists can easily incorporate it part of their overall microphone technique. Again, experimentation with mic placement during the recording process is the key. The omnidirectional polar pattern does not exhibit this effect
APEXApex 170 microphone$0.00
Apex 170 microphone
The APEX170 is designed for use in any live sound reinforcement or recording application where a tight, controlled pickup pattern is preferred. The APEX170's cardioid polar pattern reduces unwanted background noise and feedback potential. Its smooth response and clear imaging make it an ideal choice for acoustic instruments like violin, viola or guitar. With a frequency response from 80 to 15,000Hz, it also suits cello, background brasses or acoustic basses where isolation and performance are needed. The APEX170 is also a very cost-effective solution to overhead mic'ing a drum kit, or micing the area around a percussionist. The APEX170 also has the ability to power its electret condenser capsule with phantom power OR a single 1.5V AA internal battery when phantom power is not easily available.
APEXApex 350 Dynamic Microphone$0.00
Apex 350 Dynamic Microphone
The APEX350 is designed for vocal applications and features a high energy, rare-earth neodymium magnets, double dome-diaphragm and an aluminum alloy voice coils for incredibly high output levels with warm tonal characteristics. Its directional pattern maximizes gain before feedback for better on-stage performance. An extremely rugged, heat-treated metal grille complements the solid "feel" of this low impedance microphone. Features The APEX351 features a patented one-piece cartridge with a single shockmount system, which maximizes durability and shock resistance while ensuring proper alignment between the delicate components, and reducing extraneous noise. Also, a filter minimizes breath noise and popping caused by hard consonants. APEX351 has a new leather-feel finish for more positive grip during enthusiastic live performances.
APEXApex-SP1 Microphone Pac$0.00
Apex-SP1 Microphone Pac
The Apex-SP1 is a prepackaged set of microphones designed to be the ideal starting point for the home or project studio enthusiast. This kit contains one Apex435 medium diaphragm condenser microphone and two Apex180 pencil condenser microphones with interchangeable omnidirectional and cardioid capsules. Rugged construction, high SPL handling in a compact chassis makes the Apex435 an ideal choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording applications, and is the ideal choice for the Apex-SP1 kit. The Apex435 uses the same proven capsule and electronics of the popular Apex430, however it is mounted in a lighter, more compact chassis. Its ideal applications can be overhead mic for drum kits, for guitar or bass cabinets where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required. It is also the microphone of choice for saxophones, flutes, brass or woodwinds, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount. Also included in the Apex-SP1 Studio Pack are TWO Apex180 pencil condenser microphones. The Apex180 pencil microphone is one of the most versatile small condenser microphones available, and is an essential addition to your microphone toolkit. This single microphone outfit is really two microphones in one. The Apex180 is shipped with two separate interchangeable microphone heads, one a hypercardioid capsule and the other an omnidirectional capsule. All microphones in the Apex-SP1 Studio pack come with shockmounts and windsocks and are shipped in a die-cut foam lined box for convenient and safe storage when not in use. Features ? One Apex435 medium diaphragm condenser microphone ? Two Apex180 pencil condenser microphones with interchangeable omnidirectional and cardioid capsules (included) ? Shockmount mic stand adaptors for all three microphones ? Windsocks for all three microphones
APEXApex-DP1 Drum Microphone Pac$0.00
Apex-DP1 Drum Microphone Pac
The Apex-DP1 drum pack contains four of the essential dynamic microphones for miking a basic drum kit. Designed for use in most live applications where cymbals and overheads don't need to be reinforced, but the kick, snare and toms needs to get into the mix ''with authority''. One Apex125 large diaphragm dynamic microphone is included in the package. Ideally suited to handling the extremely high SPL and extended low frequencies that most bass drums can produce, the mic's element is protected in a solid zinc die-cast outer casing and can easily handle 165dB SPL at the input. The three Apex126 mics in the Apex-DP1 are designed from the ground up for a drum kit, and are ideally suited for the demanding job of micing the snare and toms. Made of a rugged zinc die-cast casing to protect the mic's elements from the occasional stick hit that is inevitable over a drumhead, the Apex126 is the perfect blend of performance and toughness. A cardioid polar pattern offers maximum rejection 180 degrees off axis, handling high SPL with a minimum of cross talk in the drum mix. The Apex126 can easily handle up to 145dB SPL at the input, and comes equipped with a rubber shock-absorbing clip made for mounting on the drum rim. This clip is solid, designed not to shift position or to damage your snare's chrome or brass rim. Features ? One Apex125 large diaphragm dynamic microphone ? Three Apex126 dynamic microphones ? Three Apex-DC drum rim clips for mounting Apex126 The APEX110 requires phantom power to operate, and has a frequency response of 70 to 18,000Hz, and a 65dB signal to noise ratio. It is shipped with a custom fit mic clip