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Contemporary Music Store

Hughes & KettnerHughes & Kettner Tubemeister 5 Combo$0.00
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 5 Combo
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 5 Combo Contemporary Music Store is now your Vermont source for Hughes & Kettner amps. CHANNELS 1 channel + Drive POWER 5 Watts POWERSOAK Yes POWER AMP 1 x 12BH7 PREAMP 1 x 12AX7 RED BOX Yes SPECIAL FEATURES Push-Pull Power Amp PEAKER 1 x 8" Celestion EIGHT 15, 16 Ω DIMENSIONS 350 x 315 x 235mm WEIGHT 7,4 kg PROTECTIVE COVER Soft-Cover included
Hughes & KettnerHughes & kettner TubeMeister 18 Combo$799.00 w/coverHughes & kettner TubeMeister 18 Combo
TubeMeister 18 Combo The Next Big Hughes & Kettner For TubeMeister, Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner packed all their know-how and over a quarter of a century‘s passion for tube amps into a remarkably compact chassis. Thanks to German engineering, it can go from a roar to a whisper, shaking the boards on stage, tingling spines in the studio, and raising goose-bumps in the still of night - even during silent recording. Serving up three different sounds at the touch of a footswitch, the soulful Tube-Meister 18 is the go-to guitar amp for gigging. Its four-step power soak brings the sound of the big stage into small clubs and your own four walls. And courtesy of the built-in Red Box and silent recording capability, you can lay down pro-quality tracks at any time day or night. The TubeMeister 18 Combo offers all the tasty features of the Head plus the shimmer and shine of a digital spring reverb. The Celestion 10˝ speaker was customdesigned specifically for the TubeMeister. Housed in a sophisticated Thiele-Small enclosure, it conjures a far bigger sound than anything one might expect from a combo. Rock on Stage - Play at Home - Record at Night
Hughes & KettnerHughes & Kettner Statesman Dual 6L6$0.00
Hughes & Kettner Statesman Dual 6L6
Call for current Price. Statesman Today's˜s most advanced Classic Tube Amplifiers DUAL 6L6 Carrying the Californian 6L6 gene in a classic 2 x 12" chassis, the DUAL 6L6 adds a generous helping of Clean channel headroom to put bigger, bolder funk, blues, and country tones on your plate. And if you want even more than the 2 x 12" rig serves up, simply super-size the DUAL 6L6 with an added STM 212 cabinet. Beauty and the Beast Sinfully sweet American clean with a touch of hillbilly twang? Oh, yes. Rough-and-ready British rock in all its raging glory? Oh, yes. In one amp? Oh, no. They said it couldn't be done; the sonic divide was simply too wide. They said if you want both worlds of tone and are unwilling to settle for less, you would have to take two amps to the stage. They said the warm airy tone of an open back combo and the fat, focused power of a 4 x 12 rock rig were incompatible -beauty and the beast, never to be caged together. And they said this wish, long harbored by players seeking a more versatile rig, would forever remain unfulfilled. German Attention To Detail What makes the various breeds of vintage amps shine is the trademark tone produced by a particular design. Hughes & Kettner set out to conjure the sonic magic of gratifying tone, albeit in versatile amps. For 25 years, our engineers have made it their mission to decode the DNA of the most diverse guitar sounds, analyzing everything from input jacks to the architecture of housings. Armed with this insight, inspired by tradition, and driven by the desire to create something fresh and exciting for forward-looking players, they turned up a string of celebrated sound-sculpting implements, including the TubeTools line and the TriAmp. Now all the knowledge gathered along the way birthed an unprecedented amp design. At its heart is circuitry that stretches the boundaries of tube technology: Switching from Clean to Drive restructures the preamp circuits completely. What˜s more, current feedback is also switched, tailoring the power amp's characteristics to suit the given preamp channel. The Statesman's housing translates this revolutionary tube technology into sound pressure. It's a classic case of applied physics culminating in art: This housing, in combination with the Eminence speaker custom-designed for the Statesman, delivers both authentic combo and stack tone. By employing cutting-edge engineering and wedding it to classic tube craft to create today's most advanced classic amp design, Statesman stands as a testament to Hughes & Kettner's Technology of Tone. Total Tonal Freedom! The elegant Statesmans many custom features make it a boutique instrument. Dedicated Reverb Balance knobs match the built-in Accutronics reverb to each channel. A push of the Clean channel Twang button takes you from the sound that sparked the British Invasion to star-spangled California clean. The Drive channels Boost button sweeps from the throaty rasp of the early rock-n-roll years to the raging rock of the high-octaneš 80s and beyond. The EL34 head and 6L6 combos Drive channel even offers a second, separately adjustable Master. A simple twist of the wrist is all it takes to push your leads up front and center! Classic sound paired with modern-day versatility - this symbiosis is what makes the Statesman such a class act. Discover Statesman and discover what it means to make chicken-skin music! This amp is your palette; plug in and paint bold, beautiful sonic images. Every tonal hue from crisp, crystal-clear clean to foot-stomping twang, and from smoky blues to blazing rock, is at your fingertips! Every nuance of every stroke is yours to control intuitively with your guitar, style, and personality. Whatever rig you prefer - Combo, 6L6, EL84, or EL34 power amp - a galaxy of great guitar tones awaits in the Statesman.
Hughes & KettnerHughes & Kettner Attax 100$0.00
Hughes & Kettner Attax 100
ATTAX 100…and the stage is your home! Get Rockin’! Are you seeking a muscular amp that packs a mighty punch? A versatile amp that serves up all the fundamental flavors of great rock tone, topped off with lashings of luscious effects? An enjoyable amp so fun to play that sparks of musical creativity and inspiration fly off your fingertips? Then your search ends with ATTAX! Four powerful channels, three effect modules individually configurable for each channel, and a phantom sound tech that activates your effect settings automatically when you switch channels – now that’s what you need to stop shoppin’ and get rockin’! You will have found your sweet-spot sound while others are still busy fiddling with features! Nervous knob twiddling between songs? Forget it! Doing the stomp-box tap dance to get a good lead sound? All that’s history! You’re a musician, not a programmer. Free your mind and focus on your performance; ATTAX will take care of the rest. Real Rockers Don’t Model Delivering the goods on stage is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. And the stage chose you, so you need a reliable, rugged amp that can take a knockin’ and keep on rockin’. Off the steamy stage and into the freezing trunk, standing on end, unprotected - that would be the death of every tube amp. So you need a solid-state solution. Of course, you want variable sound with beaucoup effects options. And you want this without the hassle of switching to, fro and back again, a rat’s nest of cords, migraines brought on by empty batteries, and mysteriously disappearing wall-warts. An all-in-one solution is what you want. But please, no modeling. After all, you aim to set trouser legs a-flappin’ with that good-ole analog punch. Technology of Tone Back in the ‘90s, ATTAX amps were celebrated milestones in solid-state amp history. They married brute force power to subtle sound-sculpting options, with versatility and uncompromising finishing quality thrown in for good measure. And all this performance came at an unbeatable bargain of a price. Ten years on, the masterminds who brought you the TriAmp, Switchblade, and the like have revitalized the ATTAX, pairing its proven virtues with the latest technology Equipped with four channels, ATTAX delivers to-die-for tone. Squeaky Clean, throaty Crunch, cutting Lead, and ripping Ultra high-gain – this amp takes you to all four compass points of the rock music map. Reverb, Delay and Modulation effects add three expressive colors to your sonic palette. Knowing Hughes & Kettner’s reputation for engineering excellence, it should come as no surprise that these are intelligently integrated, user-friendly on-board effects. Case in point: A nifty little feature called Channel FX Memory ensures every channel automatically activates with its own FX setting when you switch over to it. Punchy, warm tone is precisely why players put up with fickle tube amps. To capture the burly, beefy warmth of valves running hot, Hughes & Kettner’s tone-tweaking specialists endowed the ATTAX with a power amp featuring the same current feedback used in tube power amps. Current flowing through the speaker feeds back into the power amp to lend a distinct tube-approved flavor to its response. To convert all this awesome potential into sound pressure, the ATTAX comes in a sophisticated multiply wood housing loaded with a custom, second generation 12" Rockdriver Ultra speaker that delivers true 100 watts of output power.
Hughes & KettnerHughes & Kettner Duotone Combo$0.00
Hughes & Kettner Duotone Combo
Call for current price. The Supercharged British Classic Truest British and beyond... Duotone delivers to-die-for tone, but takes the one-sound-wonder of vintage amps a significant step further. When we set out to design this modern classic, we collaborated with an amp-tuning specialist to embrace the pros most frequently asked for modifications. The top four demands are more tone, more attack, a tube-driven effects loop and a clean channel that merits its name! So we went on to build the first off-the-rack amp to offer all of these special tweaks as standard features: You get supercharged classic rock tones thick enough to slice with fat, dynamic overdrive, a top-drawer clean channel, a tubedriven effects loop, and even a dual master. And with a 100-watt Duotone head and a Celestion® Vintage 30 equipped 50-watt combo on offer, the choice is all yours. Duotone all of the real sounds, none of the limitations!
Hughes & KettnerUsed Edition Blue 30-R$0.00
Used Edition Blue 30-R
SOLD. Edition Blue 30-R There's nothing a beginner needs less than an instrument that spoils the fun. That's why Hughes & Kettner developed Edition Blue combos. Small and light, they're easy to carry, say on a bus or subway on your way to a lesson. And that cool, blue look is so inviting it makes you want to plug in and play every time you see it. What‚adds more, it offers something you'll not find in other amps of this class: fat, expressive tone that inspires you to play. Preamp: Solid-State Channels: Clean & Overdrive Preamp Controls: Bass, Mid & Treble Master Controls: Master Volume Effects: Reverb FX Loop: Serial Connectors: Footswitch, Headphones, CD Input Power Amp: Solid-State, Current Feedback Output Power: 30 watts Speaker: 10" Jensen Stageboard: FS-1 Footswitch Stageboard Controls
Hughes & KettnerEdition Blue 60-R$0.00
Edition Blue 60-R
Hughes & KettnerHughes & Kettner Switchblade 50 Combo$0.00
Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50 Combo
Call for current price. Tube Amp Revolution The World's first fully programmable Tube Amp with digital Multi-FX For another first in guitar amp history, Hughes & Kettner has packed all the features guitarists have long been dreaming of into one amp: A genuine all-tube design and the boundless versatility of amp modeling. A bona fide tube amp. With tube-driven pre and power amps. And 4 channels that put the full arsenal of classic tones at your fingertips, from spine-tingling clean and crunch to singing lead and crushing ultra saturated sound. You don't need external effects, because reverb, delay and the most popular modulation effects are already on board in top-drawer digital quality. Best of all, you can store all amp and effect settings in up to 128 presets and activate them live on stage at the touch of a button. And that means your sounds perfectly matched to your songs. No more panicky button-pushing between numbers. And today's sweet-spot settings are saved many tomorrows to come. Switchblade. No compromises in features. No compromises in handling ease. And certainly no compromises in all-tube tone.
Hughes & KettnerStatesman Dual EL 84$0.00
Statesman Dual EL 84
Call for current price. The Beauty and the Beast of Rock ´n´ Roll Now also available in black! With the Statesman series, we have achieved what many believed could never be done : getting a single tube amp to deliver both crystal-clear combo-style clean and classic half-stack rock roar. California sparkle meets British beef, so to speak. Either/ or was yesterday; today you can have both and a little more on top with the two-channel Statesman. The Clean channel’s Twang switch adds a dollop of punchy upper mids to conjure a sweetly stinging sound for ballads, country, and funk. Hit the Overdrive channel’s Boost switch to discover modern high-gain territory unknown to the revered classic amps of yesteryear. The innovative Balance knob matches the high-quality spring reverb to each channel. The voicing section is steeped in tradition: Like on classic tube amps, the knobs influence one another, especially Mid and Treble. This may take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy the authentic vintage vibe. Fortunately, tastes vary, so we offer different flavors for the Overdrive channel. The 20-watt Statesman Dual EL84 and 40-watt Quad EL 84 pump brawny rock tones ranging from assertive to angry into a 12" Eminence RockDriver Cream speaker. In spirit and in substance, this is the kind of voicing people have been grooving to since the early ‘60s. If you take the stage with a full or half stack, you probably want to raise a real ruckus. That’s why the 50-watt Statesman Dual EL34 Head is the most aggressively voiced amp of this series. Its mission statement can be summed up in two words – Let’s rock! Like the Dual 6L6, it sports dedicated channel EQs and a three-way footswitch. Statesman is a modern classic, so we sought to capture a retro vibe and pay homage to the ‘60s. We even custom make the chicken-head knobs; they sure look cool, and they turn the task of dialing in your tone into a real pleasure.