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Contemporary Music Store

KUSTOMKustom Tube 12 A$159.00Kustom Tube 12 A
Kustom Tube12A $159.00 Contemporary Music is a full line KUSTOM dealer. Practice with real tube tone and dynamics. This little 12-watt uses a 12AX7 tube preamp and an 8" Celestion speaker to get warm, gutsy, real vintage amp tone. Controls include gain, low, high, volume with selectable Gain On and Frequency Shift functions. Headphone jack. Kustom Tube 12A Practice Amp Features: * 12W of power * 8" Celestion speaker * 12AX7 preamp section * Gain and volume controls * Selectable Gain and Mid Shift functions * Low/high EQ controls * Headphone jack Kustom Tube 12A Practice Amp Specifications: Speaker Type Celestion Type Hybrid Amp Wattage 12 configuration 1 x 8" Combo
KUSTOMSienna 65 Acoustic Guitar Amp$0.00
Sienna 65 Acoustic Guitar Amp
The Sienna 65 is a 65-watt combo amplifier with a 12-inch speaker that is specifically designed to reproduce and enhance the natural sound of your guitar or other acoustic instrument. The approach is more "hi-fi" in nature. Two ��-inch jacks plus an XLR input add flexibility for interfacing with the amp. You'll find eight 24-bit digital effects, like Reverbs and Echo, to enhance your sound. EQ controls include a Feedback filter ��� very handy for live gigs. The Sienna 65 lets you fine-tune your sound, and then amplify it in a way that brings out its best qualities.
KUSTOMKustom Defender V5$0.00
Kustom Defender V5
Defender V5 The Defender V5 is an EL-84 powered, 5-watt tube combo with an 8" Kustom designed speaker, great tones, and a simple, linear tube circuit. In addition to the Volume and Tone controls, it features three speaker jacks for 4, 8 or 16 ohm operation and a 1/4" pigtail to the internal speaker if the use of an external speaker is desired. Great for recording, rehearsal or plugging in your favorite stomp boxes.
KUSTOMKustom HV 65$0.00
w/Channel switching foost switch
Kustom HV 65
SOLD. The Kustom HV65 tube/hybrid 1x12 combo amplifier has two channels, each with Gain and Master Volume controls. This Dual Master system lets players easily get natural tube overdrive and compression on the Rhythm channel as well as the Lead channel, for even more tonal options. The HV EQ consists of passive Bass, Middle and Treble controls that are the same specifications as Kustom's award-winning, all-tube Coupe amplifiers. The HV65's speaker-emulated Direct Out and variable Volume Boost controls are also borrowed from the Coupe. An all-new 24-Bit Digital Multi-Effects System has been created exclusively for the HV. It offers 16 high fidelity, programmable effects with increased flexibility thanks to "Tap" or "Toggle" functions for each effect, letting players fine-tune their choices. For example, Delay times, Reverb tails and Tremolo speeds can all be tapped to desired settings. Alternately, the Spring Reverb effect can be toggled between three different tonal selections reminiscent of the Coupe reverb; the Rotary Speaker can be ramped between speeds; and the Octave selection can be toggled to choose Octave Up or Octave Down. In all, the new HV65 Multi-Effects system provides stunning effects with unsurpassed flexibility, but without undue complexity. New cabinet construction methods have been developed to enhance the resonance and musicality of the HV65 amplifier. In addition to crafting the cabinet to flex in response to the sound pressure, the electronic chassis is mounted in a way that doesn't impede the ability of the cabinet to resonate properly, an often overlooked element in the production of good tone. The powerful Kustom HV65 combines 65 watts and one 12-inch Celestion. Visually, the HV65 sports vents on the top panel and a cool, rear-panel cutaway with mesh screen to view the preamp tube inside the chassis. Other details include new die-cast Kustom logos, jet-black grill cloth, white piping and black leather handles. The Kustom HV65 Combo utilizes an exclusive new preamp circuit developed by James Brown, acclaimed amplifier designer and Kustom's chief engineer. The HV Series' preamp combines a 12AX7 tube - known for its robust tonal qualities - with solid-state circuitry known for its consistency and reliability. Kustom HV65 High Voltage Series 65W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Features: * RMS output: 65W * Speaker: 1 - 12" Celestion * Tube preamp: 12AX7 * Channels: Lead & Rhythm * Dual Master Controls: Gain & Volume * Preamp Modes: 3 High Gain, 3 Clean * EQ: Dual 3-Band * Solo Boost: w/Volume Control * Digital Effects: 16 Programmable * Direct Out: Speaker Emulated * Effects Loop: Send & Return * External Speaker Jack: Yes * CD/Tape/iPod Input: Yes * Footswitch Jack: Yes * Footswitch (Optional): Channels, Boost & Effects * Dimensions (in): 18.1H x 20.9W x 11.6D * Dimensions (mm): 460H x 530W x 295D * Weight: 37 lbs/ 16.8 kg
KUSTOMQuad 65 DFX$0.00
Quad 65 DFX
SOLD. With 65 watts of output power and one 12-inch Celestion speaker, the QUAD 65DFX combo is one of Kustom's most popular amplifier models. From shimmering clean tones to extra-thick distortion, the QUAD has what it takes to satisfy the most discriminating players. Features include two totally separate channels, each with two different preamp modes to nail a wide variety of clean and dirty sounds. Like the bigger QUAD100DFX, there are Bass, Middle and Treble controls for each channel. Eight 24-bit digital effects are also on-board, so you can add studio-quality Reverb, Echo, Chorus, Flanger and more. The cool thing is, no matter what style of music you play, you can dial up great tones fast with the QUAD 65DFX.
KUSTOMKustom Double Barrel$0.00
Kustom Double Barrel
SOLD. The Double Barrel takes everything great about the Kustom 12-Gauge guitar amp and essentially doubles it. You get the same massive tone as the 12-Gauge, but now with two 12-inch speakers, 30-watts of output power and an added Chorus effect. The Double Barrel is a two-channel amplifier (Lead and Clean) that can dish out truly aggressive tones. Frankly, it sounds huge in a tight, modern way. The Double Barrel features analog Delay/Reverb effects as well as a spacious Chorus effect. Headphone and Line Out jacks are included as well as an External Speaker jack. A plywood baffle board adds desirable resonance to the cabinet. Try the Double Barrel through a 4x12 guitar cabinet and you won't believe your ears!