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FenderUsed Fender Blues Jr. III$300.00Used Fender Blues Jr. III
Used Fender Blues Jr. III Very good condition. $300.00
FenderUsed Fender FM 65DSP$0.00
Used Fender FM 65DSP
SOLD Used.Good Condition. An affordable, easy-to-use addition to Fender's top-selling FM family, the new FM65DSP 65 Watt 1x12 Combo Amp features 16 quality amp models and 16 DSP effects per channel (including reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, flanging, Vibratone and combinations). The heavy-duty 12" Special Design speaker is housed in a closed-back cab, making this one of the fullest-sounding small combo amps available today. And the FM 65DSP provides lots of opportunity for sonic fun and experimentation! Includes two-button channel selection and effects on/off footswitch. Channel 1 is a normal channel providing Blackface tone with volume, treble, and bass controls. Channel 2 offers 16 DSP effects and 16 selectable amp models including classic Fender Tweed, Blackface , Hot Rod, & Metalhead ; British Stack and Combo; Jazz; and Acoustic-Electric simulator. Fender FM65DSP 65 Watt 1x12 Frontman Combo Amp Features: * 65W * Special Design 12" speaker * 2 independent channels * Channel 1: Normal Blackface * Channel 2: DSP effects and amp models * 16 amp types per channel * 16 effects types per channel * Headphone output * Preamp out and power amp i
FenderFender Twin Reverb,Blackface- 1966$0.00
Fender Twin Reverb,Blackface- 1966
SOLD. As close to mint as is possible for a 1966 Fender pre CBS model AB 763. Serial # A 06242. PL NO SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM. Accept for some very minor Tolex marks a beautiful 1996 Fender Twin. Sounds fantastic. Even the reverb & tremelo work as well as the footswitch. Original 12"Jensen speakers. Need I say more.This is the REAL DEAL.
FenderFender Mustang I V2$0.00
Fender Mustang I V2
FenderUsed Fender Deluxe 900$0.00
Used Fender Deluxe 900
SOLD. USED. EXCELLENT CONDITION. NO SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM. The Fender Dyna-Touch III Deluxe 900 Guitar Combo Amp responds dynamically to the player's touch, sounding cleaner or dirtier depending on how hard you play. Nickel-plated steel hardware, model-specific handcrafted DSP effects, and a 12" Celestion speaker. A new look plus 7 new timbre filters, channel memory, tuner, and external speaker jack mean it delivers professional performance for an amazingly small outlay. Comes with 3-button footswitch. Fender Dyna-Touch III Deluxe 900 Guitar Combo Amp Features: * 90W * 12" Celestion speaker * 2 channels * Nickel-plated steel hardware * Handcrafted DSP effects with time/rate controls * 7 new timbre filters * Channel memory * Tuner * 20-3/4"W x 16-1/2"H x 9"D * 33 lbs.