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RandallRandall RM 100C Guitar Combo Amp$0.00
Randall RM 100C Guitar Combo Amp
Designed for ultimate flexibility, this revolutionary fully loaded 100 watt modular tube combo provides easy mobility without sacrificing the punchy tone of a closed back cabinet. Because ité─˘s an MTS series amp and can be loaded with any number of tube preamps, we had to design a cabinet that would work well for both rock and metal, as well as spankin' country and blues. To do this we designed the amp with a dual back option. The amp comes from the factory basically sealed giving you the punch and tightness of a closed 2 x 12, but it also includes a 1/3 removable top panel to achieve the looser, more boomy low end found in traditional semi-open back combos. Doné─˘t get us wrong, this seriously powerful combo was designed to rock, but it will definitely dish out serious tone across each genre of music. Features: 3 module 2 x 12" design with 2 16 Ohm Celestion G12T-75s 100 watts EL34 power tubes Master volume Master density & presence MIDI in/thru Tube buffered parallel effects loops with front panel mix control Series effects loop Rear panel bias test points Slave output Includes 3 button MIDI foot controller World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240)
RandallRandall RM50 B- Guitar Combo Amp$0.00
Randall RM50 B- Guitar Combo Amp
A Workingman's Dream! The revolutionary RM50B modular combo provides the flexibility to have any combination of classic to modern tones, simply by plugging in your choice of preamp modules. Perfect for the weekend warrior, club professional, or studio pro who is looking for an all tube amplifier with multiple tones. It's now possible to build your own personal custom rig with say, a classic FenderČĂ tone, and a hot rodded MarshallČĂ tone in one amp. We'll let you choose the tones with the new RM50B Modular combo. Also available with factory preloaded modules as the RM50B2 - Blackface & Plexi 2 module 1 x 12" design with 8 Ohm Celestion G12T-75 50 watts 6L6 tube Master volume Master density & presence Spring reverb Tube buffered parallel effects loops with front panel mix control Series effects loop Rear panel bias test points World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240)
RandallRandall RM20B Guitar Amplifier$0.00
Randall RM20B  Guitar Amplifier
Small but mighty! Continuing to build on the success of the highly flexible MTS Tube Series, Randall introduces the RM20 modular tube combo. Built specifically for the professional gigging and recording musician, this EL84 powered combo performs equally well on stage or in the studio. Featuring a single modular channel with a footswitchable tube boost, the RM20 can take a lower to mid-gain module from pristine clean to sustaining lead tone at the click of a switch by simply activating the included tube boost function. Use the tube boost gain control to add a desired amount of additional saturation then adjust the boost level control for the desired boost volume. For all modules, especially the higher gain tones, the tube boost function can be used as a volume boost without adding additional saturation by simply rolling out the boost gain and adjusting the amount of boost volume. For studio use the RM20 features the XLR é─˙Mic Eliminatoré─¨ direct output circuit as well as a speaker on/off é─˙Standbyé─¨ switch for silent recording to lay down real authentic tube guitar tracks without disturbing the neighbors. This combo can be ordered with any combination of 13 tube preamp modules, providing an extremely wide-range of vintage to modern tube amp tones. Single modular channel 15 watts Ruby EL84 power tubes 12é─¨ CelestionČĂ GreenbackTM speaker Master é─˙Densityé─¨ & é─˙Presenceé─¨ controls Footswitchable Tube Boost function é─˙Boost Gainé─¨ control for desired distortion é─˙Boost Levelé─¨ control to adjust the boost volume Dual function é─˙Standbyé─¨ switch for live and silent mode Series effects loop XLR é─˙Mic Eliminatoré─¨ direct output 8/16 ohm ext. speaker output Slave output Rear panel power tube bias test points. World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240)